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Mark D. Anderson, P.E.

Mark D. Anderson, consulting engineer is a sole proprietorship licensed in Alaska, serving primarily industrial clients. Mark D. Anderson PE, is the owner and principal engineer. Mark’s career in Alaska began in 1981, and he brings more than 35 years of structural engineering and earthquake engineering experience in Alaska to the benefit of his Clients, with practical solutions to solve structural problems and to reduce earthquake risk. He seeks to provide the best value available to his Clients within his range of experience and skill-set for structural analysis, design and review, integrated piping analysis and support system design, as well as specialty services in seismic hazard evaluation/mitigation and seismic qualification of equipment, design and evaluation of off-highway bridges, and design and load rating of custom and non-standard lifting devices and below-the-hook components.

Mark “gets it” that engineering is a service profession, and that his reputation depends upon service delivered with honesty and integrity. He seeks to provide the best value available to his Clients with the highest level of service, professional ethical standards, and earned trust. Mark has long served as a mentor to fellow engineers, and seeks to be actively involved in sharing and fostering understanding with Clients and End-users to both offer and earn mutual respect and active engagement as necessary to best achieve the Client’s desired outcomes.

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